Steady State Media is a digital marketing agency, video production company, and virtual event planner all under one roof. With expertise in content creation and marketing strategy across the map, we can help you and your brand reach its full digital marketing potential. 

Having experience in working on both sides of the table, as both a client and a vendor over the past 20 years, we are and have been directly involved in the ever-changing evolution of digital marketing. Fast-moving campaigns resulting in optimization and adaptation have replaced unfocused, self-serving projects.

Steady State Media has years of experience in gathering clients’ goals, constructing plans that meet needs, and producing consistent results. Bring us your challenges and our team will execute with speed and quality. Regardless of your industry or experience level, we are ready and eager to help you understand your marketing needs and how to meet them.


Adapting to this dynamic environment, Steady State was founded on three simple principles – Strategy, Content & Distribution.



A personalized plan of action.


Creation from ideation to production.


Effective and efficient delivery.


All of the videos we create go through our streamlined workflow, to ensure they’re produced efficiently and effectively.

First Things First

We’ll take a closer look at your company to get a better idea of how our services are best suited to reach your goals.

Mapping it Out

We’ll show you the best marketing and communication practices within your specific industry and incorporate them into a tailored strategy crafted specifically for you. 

Making it a Reality

Not only will we map out your entire marketing strategy, we will also produce the assets and elements needed to round out an effective marketing campaign.


These are common questions we receive. If your question isn’t answered here, feel free to drop us a line.

Once we hire you, what’s next?

We’ll have an initial consultation to assess your needs and present you with best practices and our recommendations. From there, we’ll educate you on everything you’ll need to know about working with us.

What does it cost to hire you to create a video strategy for us?

Depending on how robust your needs are, we can propose a price for a strategy that involves delivering multiple videos a day, daily or weekly.

What if I have a need for a one-off video?

Well, relationships start somewhere! We can custom quote a project for you. We work with some of the most talented, experienced video production professionals in Pittsburgh and across the country!

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