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Is Steady State Media a marketing firm or a video production company?

Steady State Media is a marketing firm in Pittsburgh offering end-to-end video production and content creation to clients.

Do you work with social media advertising and campaigns?

Yes. We create unique graphic and video content for social media campaigns and advertisements. These unique videos and graphics can be used on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even within email newsletters.

Do you film video marketing projects in-house or on-location?

Both. We have an in-house studio in which we are capable of filming within. We also travel to do on-site filming. Additionally, we offer video production options in which you send us your footage and we create professtions, completed videos for your to use within your marketing campaigns.

Do you host virtual, online events, conferences, and even training programs for your clients?

Yes. We are partnered with inEvent, a virtual online event platform, and can help you seamlessly plan and host your company’s event or online training campaigns. Now more than ever, virtual company events, trainings, and conferences are quickly transitioning from board rooms or hotels, to online platforms. Instead of cancelling your in-person event, host it virtually.

Do you work with internal marketing departments?

We have clients who have internal marketing employees as well as clients who have no internal marketing. We are happy to work with any level marketing and offer CMO-level marketing assistance.

What if I'm not sure about marketing direction or strategy?

No problem. That is what we are here for. We can meet with you for an initial consultation to figure out the best place to begin with your marketing efforts. Whether we are starting from scratch, or adding onto current content plans, we can help you and your organization with both direction and strategy.

Which specific industries do you work with?

We work with all types of B2B and B2C industries, both small and large.

What will I get out of an initial consultation?

Our initial consultation calls are free of charge. We will talk through your marketing and video goals and talk through next steps.

Do you only accept projects within the Greater Pittsburgh area?

No. We can create marketing and video content for businesses and individuals anywhere within the continental U.S.

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